Medical – The Quadrant


Hockley Medical Practice – 0.5 mile (2 minute drive)

City Hospital – 0.7 miles (3 minute drive)

Birmingham Women’s Hospital – 3.3 miles (14 minute drive)

Birmingham Children’s Hospital – 2.1 miles (7 minute drive)

To find information about local NHS services including local GPs, hospital services and dentists, then please contact the NHS directly or visit their website which is

Ventilation – The Quadrant

Installation, Operating and Maintenance
InstructionsThere is an air ventilation system with your property that should be left on at all times.

Keeping the ventilation system switched on will reduce the moisture produced by everyday activities such as cooking, ironing and showering.

Please see the below manual for further information regarding the ventilation system:

Download – Ventilation Unit WHHR Midi & Midi Lite LCD 070817 – Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions

Wall Finishes – The Quadrant

Each property is finished in white matt emulsion to the walls and ceiling. The woodwork within each property is finished in white gloss.

The bathroom is fitted with full height wall tiles to the shower area.


Signs of cracking and shrinkage are normal as your apartment has a ‘drying out’ period of between 9-12 months. Water has been absorbed during construction and it is important that the drying out period is gradual. This can be achieved by:

–  Ensuring that the property is well ventilated.

– Using the heating sparingly during the first few months.

– Reducing condensation as much as possible by covering pans whilst cooking, drying clothes in well ventilated rooms, closing kitchen/bathroom doors to prevent steam from travelling through the property, using extractors, wiping down moisture off surfaces and maintaining a low background heat.

If you are concerned about a crack, then please email a photo by logging an issue on the Seven Capital Information Hub and a response will be provided by our Aftersales team. Ordinarily cracks can be dealt with during normal decoration once the property has dried out, however large cracks of a certain thickness will be covered under warranty.

White deposits may appear on wall surfaces which is called efflorescence. Efflorescence can be caused by the natural seepage of salts used in the construction materials. This should not be of concern, as the marks can be wiped down with a dry stiff brush. It is important not to wash the marks, as it will make the issue worse.

Parking – The Quadrant

For residents with parking, you will find your allocated space in the lower level of the development or within the courtyard located at the centre of the development.

There is pedestrian access from the main entrance hallway on the ground floor, as well as the stairways to the other two sides of the development. Car access to the lower level car park is via the car park entrance located on Nelson Street and car access to the courtyard is via Summer Hill Street.

Please ensure that you always park in your designated space within the white lines.

For further information on parking, please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick.


Furniture – The Quadrant

If you have purchased one of Seven Capital’s interior collections as part of your investment, your items (excluding the items from the accessory package) are covered by a two year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation.  Window dressings purchased through Seven Capital are also covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that the  manufacturer’s warranties do not cover wear and tear or damage.

Download – Seven Capital Interior Collection – Care Guide



General Information – The Quadrant

The Quadrant Details

Number of Apartments: 133


  • Apartments B1 to B6
  • Apartments G1 to G16
  • Apartments 101 to 123
  • Apartments 201 to 223
  • Apartments 301 to 323

The Quadrant, 150 Sand Pits, Birmingham, B1 3RJ

  • Apartments G17 to G19
  • Apartments 124 to 127
  • Apartments 224 to 227
  • Apartments 324 to 327
  • Apartment 420 to 421

The Quadrant, 10 Summer Hill Street, Birmingham, B1 2PE

  • Apartments 401 to 419
  • Apartments 501 to 506

The Quadrant, 150 Sand Pits, Birmingham, B1 3RL

Seven Capital Customer Service 

Telephone: +44 (0) 121 296 1548 (option 3)

Email Address:


Managing Agent


Address: The Exchange, 19 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 3PJ

Telephone: +44 (0) 3330 124 125

Email Address:  

Health and Safety – The Quadrant

Each property is fitted with a hard-wired smoke detector that has a battery back-up, as well a hard-wired heat alarm that has a battery back-up fitted within the kitchen. The communal alarms are interlinked throughout the whole development to ensure safety and peace of mind for all occupants.

On hearing the alarms, please do not use the lifts. Please do not try to tackle the fire yourself by using the extinguishers, unless you are trained to do so.

There is a full sprinkler system installed within properties where required. The sprinkler system is designed to activate with the presence of high levels of heat from a fire. The heat from the blaze would then melt the sensor which in turn would activate the sprinkler, discharging water at a rate to contain the fire.

Please use designated emergency exit routes only. The information board located within the reception will provide you with information on where the emergency exits are, as well as the fire emergency procedure for the development. For further information, please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick.

Help Centre – The Quadrant

Contact Telephone Numbers

Seven Capital: Customer Service: 0121 296 1548 (option 3)

Aftercare: 0121 296 1548 (option 2)

Emergency Water: 0800 783 4444 (Severn Trent Water)
Electrical Faults: 0800 40 40 90 (National Grid)
Centrick Property Management Services (24/7): 03330 124 125

Home Warranty Information

Upon completion, a Checkmate Insurance Certificate for the Castle 10 Policy was issued. Problems with new homes are rare, however in the unlikely event that you do need this insurance, further information can be found on the Checkmate website: The warranty covers the build for 10 years, under which the developer provides cover for the first 2 years and Checkmate for the remaining 8 years covering.

Please note that general wear and tear and accidental damage will not be covered by your warranty.

For further information on what is included within the Checkmate Castle 10 Policy warranty, please click on the link below. Alternatively, Checkmate can be contacted on: 020 7933 2626.

To report an issue within your apartment, then please click here.

Customer Satisfaction

Seven Capital endeavour to provide the highest level of customer service. However, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the building or the service that you have received, then please contact our Customer Care team at

We would love to receive your feedback and would appreciate it if you could complete a brief customer survey by clicking the link below:

Hot Water – The Quadrant

The OSO electric hot water cylinder is located within the storage cupboard of the property.

The controller for the hot water cylinder is also located within the storage cupboard of the property. The controller will need to be programmed in order to set the timings to provide hot water as required.

Any faults with the hot water cylinder or the controller will be covered under the warranty for the property. Prior to reporting an issue, it is suggested that the controller is checked for power and to identify if it has tripped on the fuse board in the first instance. If something is tripping out the electrics, it is the responsibility of the occupier to identify where the fault lies. This can be done by unplugging all electrical items, resetting the trip switches and plugging the items back in one by one to identify the source of the fault.

Download – Horstmann Programmer – Instruction Manual

Download – OSO Super S Hot Water Cylinder – User Guide

Kitchen – The Quadrant

Original Joinery have fitted the kitchens at The Quadrant. The kitchen is fitted with integrated appliances which include: a microwave oven, hob, cooker hood, dishwasher, washer dryer and fridge freezer.

There is an anthracite gloss (dark grey) & white gloss finish to the kitchen cupboards and a pure white Corian work surface. The penthouse apartments have a solely light grey gloss finish to the kitchen cupboards and a pure white Corian work surface.

In order to get the maximum benefit from your new kitchen, please take time to read through the following notes below on how to care for and preserve your new kitchen.

Download – Corian Work Surface – Care & Maintenance Guide