Utilities & Meter Readings – The Kettleworks

Council Tax

The local council is Birmingham City Council. For further information, please visit their website at https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/20005/council_tax.


The electricity meter for each individual property is located within the storage cupboard of each individual property. 

The electricity provider for the development is Scottish Power. For further information, please visit their website at https://www.scottishpower.co.uk.


The water meter for each individual property is located within the storage cupboard of each individual property. 

Severn Trent Water are the water supplier for the development. For further information, please visit their website at www.stwater.co.uk.


Please note that you are liable for all utility payments and council tax from the date of legal completion of your property.

Electrical – The Kettleworks


There are pendant lights and LED spotlights located throughout the property as follows:

  • • The bathroom, kitchen, living area and hallway are fitted with spotlights.
  • • The bedrooms are fitted with pendant light fittings.
  • • The storage cupboards are fitted with bayonet light fittings.
  • • The kitchen wall cabinets are fitted with down lights underneath.

Please see the below demonstration video on how to change the light bulbs within the property:


The property is fitted with wall mounted electric panel heaters. The heaters have a timer panel which allows you to programme the heating to your specific requirements.

Please read the instruction manual below for further details:

Download – Dimplex Heaters – Instruction Manual

Please remember to turn on the spur switch which is located next to each individual heater. If there is no electricity to the heaters, then please check that the RCD has not tripped in the consumer unit.

Please see the demonstration video below on how to use the heaters:

Towel Rail

The bathrooms are fitted with an electric ladder style towel rail.

Please read the instruction manual below for further details:

Download – Electric Towel Rail – Operation & Maintenance Manual

Please remember to turn on the spur switch for the towel heater which is located just outside of the bathroom. If there is no electricity to the towel heater, then please check that the RCD has not tripped in the consumer unit.

Consumer Unit (Fuse Board)

The consumer unit (fuse board) is located within the storage cupboard of the property. The consumer units are fitted with British Standard RCD (circuit breaker/cut out) for your safety.

The RCD will shut down if there is an electrical problem with the circuit. Each circuit is labelled in the consumer unit. The RCD will trip if there is a problem with a particular circuit. This is a safety feature which protects you from electrocution.

Common issues which will trip an RCD are things such as: light bulbs blowing and problems with kitchen appliances or electrical equipment i.e. toasters, kettles, irons, TV’s and laptops. To reset the fuse board, please push the RCD. If the RCD will not reset, then there is problem with one of the appliances or electrical equipment.

Please read the instruction manual below for further details:

Download – Crabtree Consumer Unit – Operation & Maintenance Manual

Alternatively, please see the demonstration video below on how to use the consumer unit:

TV, Telephone & Internet

The property has a TV, telephone and internet point in the living area. All points are pre-wired by OFNL (Open Fibre Networks Limited) and the fibre optic infrastructure at the development is maintained and operated by OFNL who specialise in full fibre services.

There are a variety of service providers that you can choose from for your broadband and telephone services. Once you have contacted your chosen broadband provider, a wireless router will be posted to you to enable you to complete the set up in your new home. Should you encounter any problems with your broadband or telephone, then please contact your chosen service provider in the first instance. For further information, please visit www.ofnl.co.uk/residents-businesses/available-isps.

The fibre infrastructure fitted by OFNL provides Freeview TV via a communal satellite as standard, therefore you will not need to attach an additional aerial or satellite to the exterior of the building. You will be able to receive these channels by plugging your TV into an aerial point and selecting auto-tune on your television. For additional television packages, you can choose from the selection of providers listed below. Should you experience any problems with the TV signal including pixilation, please ensure your television is set up and tuned correctly in the first instance. Should this not resolve the problem, then please contact OFNL on 02921 678 550 or by visiting www.ofnl.co.uk/get-in-touch.

To set up your TV, telephone and broadband services, please select the best deal for your individual requirements by choosing one of the following service providers:

See the Light – 0800 331 7638 / www.seethelight.co.uk

Rocket Fibre – 03301 227 711 / www.rocket-fibre.co.uk

Love Your Broadband – 02087 607 669 / www.loveyourbroadband.co.uk

Merula – 08002 982 375 / www.merula.net/ofnl

Direct Save Telecom – 0800 027 3930 / www.directsavetelecom.co.uk

Hello Internet – 03333 449 375 / www.hello-internet.co.uk

Vfast Internet – 01227 668 901 / www.vfast.co.uk

Pure Broadband – 01482 778 838 / www.purebroadband.net/ftth

Pulse 8 – 08000 428 888 / www.pulse8.co.uk

BreezTel – 08000 465 367 / www.breeztel.com

MTH Networks – 01536 661 050 / www.mthnetworks.com

Air Broadband – 01223 653 400 / www.airbroadband.co.uk

Link Broadband – 03301 741 444 / www.linkbroadbands.com

Kinetic Telecom – 01702 841 841 / www.ktel.co.uk/ 

RedRaw Internet  – 01803 500 009 / www.redrawinternet.com

For further information regarding available the providers, please see the below PDF documents:

Download – OFNL Information Sheet

Download – OFNL Information Sheet (FIRS)

Download – OFNL Information Sheet (Sky Q)

The list of service providers is subject to change and up to date information can be found by visiting www.ofnl.co.uk/residents-businesses/postcode-checker.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the occupier to acquire their own television license which can be sourced by visiting www.tvlicensing.co.uk.

Fused Spur Sockets

The kitchen appliances are wired to a fused spur on the wall in the kitchen area. Please ensure that the spur is switched on for the kitchen appliances to operate.

If an appliance is not working, please first check the electrics and then check that the RCD has not tripped (please see the consumer unit demonstration video or manual for further details). If there is electric to the property and the RCD has not tripped, then please see the kitchen demonstration video on the appliances tab.

Smoke Alarm

There is a hard-wired battery back-up smoke detector within each property.

If you hear the alarm, it’s important that you follow the fire evacuation procedures displayed in the property handbook and also on the noticeboards throughout the building.

Please see the manual below for further details:

Download – Aico Optical Smoke Alarm – Product Data Sheet

Electrical Installation Certificate

The Electrical Installation Certificate will have been provided on legal completion of the property.

Fire Strategy – The Kettleworks

Should you discover a fire, then please dial 999 immediately to report the situation to the emergency services.

It is important that you do not panic or stop to collect belongings. Please do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself by using the extinguishers, unless you are trained to do so.

It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the fire emergency procedure for the development, including details of where extinguishers and escape routes are located. Full details relating to the emergency procedure for the development are displayed throughout the communal areas. For further details, please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick Property.


Flooring – The Kettleworks


Your property is fitted with a combination of wood effect laminate, tile coverings and carpet. Carpet is fitted in the bedrooms and the bathrooms are fitted with porcelain tile floor coverings.

Download – Kaindl Classic Touch 8.0 Laminate Flooring – Product Data Sheet

Download – Grespania Ural Floor Tile – Product Data Sheet

Download – Lifestyle Flooring Carpet Information – Information Booklet

Download – Lifestyle Flooring Carpet Care – Information Booklet

When cleaning your laminate flooring there are a number of factors to consider. The floor is not waterproof, therefore, whilst any spills should be cleaned up quickly, nothing more than a damp cloth should be used to do this and any residue left over from cleaning up the spill should be dried off immediately. Do not use a wet mop on the laminate flooring, as this can cause water to seep into and under the laminate which will cause it to warp. Regularly remove dirt from the floor using a dry mop or a soft broom. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on the laminate flooring, as this can cause scratches. Do not use harsh or scouring devices, as this will cause abrasion. Furniture should never be pushed or dragged across the floor, as this will cause damage.

Plumbing – The Kettleworks

Stop Cock

Each property is fitted with a stopcock to fully isolate the water supply to each individual property. These are located outside of the front door to each property within the corridor just above the ceiling void. They are located here for the ease of being able to isolate the water supply to a property in the event that the occupier isn’t available at the time of an emergency.

Isolation Valves

Each plumbed in fixture and fitting pipework within the property is fitted with isolation valves, meaning that you can isolate the water supply to any fitting rather than turning the water off to the whole of your property via the stopcock. The isolation valves can be found for the supplies to the toilet, washbasin, kitchen sink, washing machine and dishwasher.

There is also an isolation valve within the storage cupboard of each property which isolates the water to the whole property when turned to the off position.

Please see the below video and guidance on how to isolate the water supply to a fitting within your property.

Waste Plumbing

Waste water from your kitchen and bathroom runs through the pipework directly into the drainage system. You are responsible for the maintenance of all the fittings and waste pipes within your property.

If you find that a washbasin, sink, bath or shower is taking longer than normal to drain, then you can use a chemical drain cleaner which is readily available from all good DIY stores. Alternatively, please seek professional advice. You can prevent your sinks and plug holes from becoming blocked by regularly cleaning them.

Please refrain from putting food waste, oils or any fats into sinks, as this may cause blockages. Do not dispose of anything other than toilet tissue in the toilets. Items such as nappies, wipes and sanitary items should not be disposed of down the toilet as the system is not designed to deal with such items. Flushing items such as these may result in an expensive blockage for which you would be liable.

Post Box – The Kettleworks

Post boxes for all of the properties are located within the main entrance reception area in the post room.

For further details, please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick Property on 03330 124 125.

Transport – The Kettleworks


The nearest motorways to the development are the M6, M42 and the M5.


The closest station to the development is the Jewellery Quarter Station. New Street Station is also one of three main railway stations in the city centre of Birmingham, along with Birmingham Moor Street and Birmingham Snow Hill. All of the above train stations are within a short drive or bus ride away from the development.

Bus Routes

There are a number of bus stops within walking distance of the development. Please visit http://nxbus.co.uk/west-midlands/information/buses-to-birmingham-city-centre/ for further information.



Birmingham International Airport is within an hour’s drive from the development. For further details please visit www.birminghamairport.co.uk.

Welcome Page – The Kettleworks


The warranty defect period has now expired on your apartment; however, the build warranty is still in place. Please refer to your completion documentation for reference.

Any issues raised for the apartment will not be instructed, we therefore ask that any issues you have are referred to your Landlord/Letting Agent or Estate Management for communal issues.

Please continue to use the Information Hub to your advantage by referring to appliance manuals or any troubleshooting guides that may be of help to you.

Our Information Hub has been created to provide a wealth of information on The Kettleworks, your property and the surrounding area of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

To explore the Information Hub, simply use the tabs above to help you locate your local service providers and identify documentation and videos on appliances. You will also find details on how to report issues with your apartment.

We’ve designed the Information Hub to be quick and easy to use. However, if you have any questions or queries, please contact us – your feedback is always welcome.

Please note: Access to the Hub is permitted to tenants, owners and letting agents.

Windows & External Doors – The Kettleworks

External Doors

The main double doors on the front of the building are kept permanently closed and locked by means of overhead door closers and magnetic locks. The doors can be released by:

– Placing your pedestrian access fob against the control panel outside the main entrance door.

– Pressing the door release to the side of the door from inside the reception area.

– Pressing the door release button on the intercom phone within your property to allow access; when the video entry system inside the property has been activated by a visitor from the control panel outside the building.

Please note that the fire escapes in the development must be kept locked and must only be used in the event of a fire.


The windows in your property are new powder coated aluminium double glazed units. Please note that some of the windows within the original sections of the development are the existing original windows.

Heat Recovery Systems are within the properties where the windows do not open. Fumes that are built up in the property are extracted by way of carbon filters which are built into the external walls. This acts by bringing cool air into the property and regulating the temperature of the property. Please note that this does not act as a cooling system.

The internal cleaning of the windows is the responsibility of the occupier and must be carried out in a safe manner. The external cleaning of the windows is the responsibility of the Managing Agent, Centrick Property.

Apartment Information – The Kettleworks


The main entrance door to your property is to a full British Standard specification and is also fire compliant. It is fitted with 3 hinges, a Euro Cylinder Sash Lock with a thumb turn and a spyhole for your security. Front doors to the property cannot be replaced without seeking advice from the Managing Agent, Centrick Property, as this could jeopardise the fire integrity of your property. Please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick Property for their procedure on how to apply for consent to change the front door to your property.

Intercom System

There is an individual video intercom system within your property that is linked to the main entrance doors to the development. This allows each resident control of visitors into the building. In order to prevent security issues within the development, please do not provide access to anyone who you are not familiar with.

Download – Fermax Video Intercom – User Guide

Fire Safety

A hard-wired smoke detector that has a battery back-up is located within each property. The alarms are interlinked throughout the whole development to ensure safety and peace of mind for all occupants.

Download – Aico Optical Smoke Alarm – Product Data Sheet

You should regularly test the detectors by pressing the button on the device and also ensure that the batteries are changed regularly to allow for the detectors to work to their optimum. For your own safety, smoke detectors should not be removed from their fixtures or covered and also need to be well maintained.

Where required, some properties have a wireless fire detector placed on the ceiling within the kitchen area near to the smoke alarm. This is called an Auto-mist System and it detects extreme heat temperatures. On detection of a blaze, the alarm will send a signal to the mains, which is connected in the unit directly underneath the kitchen sink. When triggered, the high pressure jet that is mounted into the wall will release a burst of water mist. The water mist reaches a distance of up to 6 metres when activated.

Please note that the  Auto-mist System has been commissioned and should not be tested by the occupier of the property.

The information board located within the reception will provide you with information on where the emergency exits are, as well as the fire emergency procedure for the development. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this information. For further information, please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick Property.