Development Information – Graven Hill

Postal Addresses

Queens House
Apartments 38 – 70
Queens House, Westacott Road, Ambrosden, Bicester, OX25 2AZ

St Catherine’s House
Apartments 2 – 36
St Catherine’s House, Westacott Road, Ambrosden, Bicester, OX25 2AZ

Trinity House North
Apartments 1 – 39
1 Anniversary Avenue West, Ambrosden, Bicester, OX25 2DQ

Trinity House West
Apartments 1 – 30
3 Graven Hill Road, Ambrosden, Bicester, OX25 2DR


Estate Management Company

The development is managed by an Estate Management Company. The Managing Agent, Livingcity, is responsible for all internal and external communal areas. Livingcity is a Manchester based property group, managing client assets across the country.

The Managing Agent will regularly visit the development to ensure that it is always well maintained. They can assist with queries in relation to refuse collections, parking, fire safety and any service charge or ground rent enquiries.

Livingcity’s contact details are also displayed on the information boards located within the main entrances. Their contact details are below for your reference:

Telephone: 0161 274 1400
Fax: 0161 275 9247
Email Address:  

Please see the below PDF document regarding the services from Livingcity for your reference:

Download – Livingcity – Estate Management Booklet


Buildings insurance is covered within the service charge which is payable by the owner of the property directly to the Managing Agent, Livingcity. For any additional insurance, such as contents insurance, this will need to be arranged independently.

For further information relating to buildings insurance, please contact the Managing Agent, Livingcity.



Local Area – Graven Hill

Bicester Local Information

Graven Hill benefits from being within walking distance of Bicester, a historic market town that offers beautiful tourist sights in addition to shopping hotspots.

From independent shops and high street brands to Michelin star restaurants and relaxed cafés serving high-tea, Bicester represents the quintessential British lifestyle.

Food & Drink

Bicester Village is filled with an array of eateries and relaxed cafés serving high-tea and is the perfect pit-stop after a day of shopping.

On an evening, you can find a variety of restaurants in the local area which include Michelin star restaurants, national chains and also local resident favourites.

For further information, please visit

Leisure & Entertainment 

The world-famous Bicester Village shopping outlet is just a stone’s throw away, offering high-end designer brands such as Burberry, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry and Balenciaga to crowds of nearly six million visitors a year. With more than 160 luxury boutiques serving the best in fashion, beauty and homeware at a fraction of the normal price, Bicester Village is a slice of London’s Oxford Street in a beautiful rural setting.

The best way to acquaint yourself with Bicester’s town centre is to download the Historic Town Trail drawn up by the Bicester Local Historical Society. This 18-stop walk guides you to lots of little points of interest.

You’ll see Bicester’s oldest house, a vicarage from 1500, as well as a 17th-century Dovecote, 16th-century farmhouse and a rebuilt structure from the defunct Bicester priory.


For information relating to local education services, please visit




Ventilation – Graven Hill

Mechanical ventilation systems are installed within each property, with each unit being commissioned individually so that the amount of air moved is tailored to suit the performance required.

The system is designed to run continually on a constant trickle setting, which can be boosted via the kitchen and bathroom light switches. The spur switch for the ventilation unit is in the storage cupboard and should not be switched off, except for carrying out any maintenance and/or servicing. As part of the trickle setting, the recessed ceiling vents continually circulate air around the property and take stale air from inside the property and replace it with clean fresh air without the need to open windows.

The boost function enables the system to operate at a higher extraction rate, which is useful in situations where a lot of water vapour is produced in a short amount of time i.e. whilst cooking or bathing.

A summer/winter fan controller switch also forms part of the operation of the ventilation system. Switching the system to ‘summer’ places the system into the summer bypass function, whereby no heat is recovered. Switching the system to ‘winter’ places the system into the winter bypass function, whereby the bypass is disabled meaning the unit is constantly in in heat recovery mode.

The manufacturer, Nuaire, recommend that filters are inspected every 6 months and replaced every 12 months. A flashing LED will indicate that a filter change is required. This indication repeats every 12 months and will turn off automatically after 5 days. The maintenance of the ventilation system is the responsibility of the owner and should be carried out by a suitably qualified person. Please ensure the ventilation unit is serviced/maintained in accordance with the manufacturers guidance in order uphold the warranty, failure to do this will result in the warranty being voided.

Please see the below PDF version of the manual for further information:

Download – Ventilation – Nuaire MRXBOX-ECO3-SWMVHR – Installation & Maintenance Manual


Additional moisture in the air resulting from the drying out process, coupled with moisture produced by everyday activities may cause condensation to appear on cold surfaces, such as windows and walls. This can be reduced by:

  • • Covering pans during cooking and ensuring kettles are switched off after they boil.
  • • Drying clothes in well ventilated rooms where possible.
  • • Closing kitchen and bathroom doors to prevent moisture transferring into colder rooms.
  • • Avoiding the use of bottled gas or paraffin heaters.
  • • Wiping down surfaces where moisture settles.
  • • Maintaining a low background heat.

If the property is not being ventilated properly, then this will then result in a build-up of condensation. Excessive humidity or standing water on the floor can lead to damage through swelling (deformation and discolouration) which would not be covered under warranty.

Condensation can be alleviated by following the above guidance and by utilising the ventilation system effectively, which will in turn prevent ‘black spot mould’ from forming on the walls and behind cupboards.

Hot Water Cylinder & Programmer – Graven Hill

All properties are fitted with a Tempest hot water cylinder and Newlec (also known as Timeguard) programmer which are located within the storage cupboard of the property.

The programmer will need to be set in order to program the timings to provide hot water as required. This is the responsibility of the occupier to carry out, so that they can ensure that the timings are set in accordance with their own personal usage/needs.

Please Note: The tank can take up to 2 hours for water to heat up. The water temperature is set at 43°C in line with regulations and is not adjustable to prevent scalding.

Any faults with the hot water cylinder or the programmer will be covered under the 2-year warranty for the property. Prior to reporting an issue, it is suggested that the programmer is checked for power and to identify if it has tripped on the fuse board in the first instance. If something is tripping out the electrics, it is the responsibility of the occupier to identify where the fault lies. This can be done by unplugging all electrical items, resetting the trip switches and plugging the items back in one by one to identify the source of the fault. It is the owner’s responsibility to have the hot water cylinder serviced every 12 months by a recommended heating engineer.

The manufacturer of the Tempest hot water cylinder also provides an extended lifetime guarantee on this product subject to conditions being met and annual services being carried out etc. This warranty is offered by the manufacturer directly and the property owner is responsible for registering for this extension, as well as ensuring all conditions and stipulations set out by the manufacturer are adhered to.

Please see the below PDF documents and troubleshooting video for further information and guidance relating to the hot water cylinder and programmer:

Video Link – Where is the hot water cylinder and programmer located?

Download – Hot Water Cylinder – Tempest & Tornado Stainless Cylinders – Installation Guide & Customers Copy

Download – Programmer – Timeguard TRTD7N Digital Economy Seven Programmer – Installation & Operating Instructions

Download – Programmer – Newlec NLECO7DIG Digital Economy 7 Programmer – Technical Sheet

Refuse Stores – Graven Hill

Refuse stores are located within the basement level of the development and also near the car park entry/exit point.

The refuse stores are maintained by the Managing Agent, Livingcity, who organise collection by Cherwell Valley District Council.

It is important to break down any boxes placed in the recycling containers. Do not overfill the refuse containers, as this will result in them not being collected which may consequently attract vermin.

For further information, please refer to the information board located within the main entrances or alternatively contact the Managing Agent, Livingcity.

Property Information – Graven Hill

This section of the Information Hub contains useful videos, information and guidance to all aspects of the properties at Graven Hill.

Please ensure that you refer to the information contained within each of the tabs to the left-hand side of the page, prior to reporting any warranty issues.


Health & Safety – Graven Hill

Fire Safety

Should you discover a fire, then please dial 999 immediately to report the situation to the emergency services. It is important that you do not panic or stop to collect belongings.

In the event of a fire please do not try to tackle the fire yourself by using the fire extinguishers, unless you are trained to do so. Please do not use the lifts and descend using the nearest stairway.

The information boards located within the main entrances will provide you with information on where the emergency exits are located, as well as the fire emergency procedure for the development. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this information.

For further information, please contact the Managing Agent, Livingcity.

Door Entry & Communal Access

There is an individual door entry system within the property that is linked to the main entrance doors to the development, which allows each resident control of visitors into the building. In order to prevent security issues, please do not provide access to anyone who you are not familiar with.

Externally, the building is accessed via a door entry system to the main entrance/external doors and is only accessible with a programmed key card. Each occupier will have their own allocated key card for access into the building.

Should you require a replacement or an additional key card, please contact the Managing Agent, Livingcity, and they will confirm the cost for this service.

Paintwork & Wall Finishes – Graven Hill

The ceilings are finished in Crown Covermatt white emulsion with the walls being finished in Crown Vinyl Matt white emulsion. The woodwork is finished in Crown Vinyl Matt emulsion.

Please see the below PDF documents for further information:

Download – Emulsion – Crown Covermatt Emusion – Technical Data Sheet 

Download – Emulsion – Crown Matt Vinyl Emulsion – Technical Data Sheet

Cracking & Shrinkage

Signs of cracking and shrinkage are normal; as the property has a ‘drying out’ period between 9-12 months. During the manufacturing of materials and the construction process, moisture has been absorbed and because of this it is important that the drying out period is gradual in order to keep cracking and shrinkage to a minimum; this can be achieved by:

  • • Ensuring that the property is well ventilated.
  • • Leaving built-in wardrobe doors slightly ajar to help ventilate the area.
  • • Using the heating sparingly during the first few months.
  • • Reducing condensation as much as possible within the property by: covering pans whilst cooking, drying clothes in well ventilated rooms, closing kitchen/bathroom doors to prevent steam from travelling through the property, using the ventilation system, wiping down moisture off surfaces and maintaining a low background heat.

Ordinarily cracks can be dealt with during decoration once the property has dried out and this isn’t something that would be covered under the warranty, however large cracks of a certain thickness may be covered under the warranty.

If you are concerned about a crack hat has appeared, then please email us a photo by logging an issue using the ‘Report an Issue’ tab at the top of this page and a response will be provided. Please note that we are only able to address cracking and shrinkage that meets the relevant warranty criteria.


White deposits may appear on external wall surfaces which is known as ‘efflorescence’. Efflorescence can be caused by the natural seepage of salts used in the construction materials. This should not be of concern, as the marks can be wiped down with a dry stiff brush. It is important not to wash the marks as it may worsen the problem.

Hanging Pictures

Care must be taken when hanging pictures or similar items to walls and ceilings, as electric cables and pipework providing power, water and other services can be found immediately behind wall and ceiling finishes. Please be aware that cables usually run vertically above or below electrical sockets or switches.

The internal walls in the property are made of plasterboard with stud partitions, which are strong enough to take the weight of most pictures and other light objects when using the appropriate picture hooks and plasterboard wall plugs where necessary.

If you are renting the property and wish to hang pictures or add any additional fittings, then please obtain written consent from your landlord or letting agent.

Please Note: Changes to the fixtures, fittings and finishes within the property may void the warranty.

Car Park – Graven Hill

For residents with parking, you will find your allocated space either within the courtyard or within the basement level of the development. Please ensure that you always park within the lines of your designated space.

The courtyard and basement levels of the car park can be accessed via the entrance/exits points located just off of Graven Hill Road.

For further information, please contact the Managing Agent, Livingcity.


SevenCapital Furniture – Graven Hill

If you have purchased one of SevenCapital’s interior collections as part of your investment, the items (excluding the items from the accessory package) are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation.  Items within SevenCapital’s accessory package are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation.

Window dressings purchased through SevenCapital are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation.

Please Note: The manufacturer’s warranties do not cover wear and tear, accidental damage or misuse.

Please see the below PDF copy of the care guide for further information:

Download – SevenCapital Interior Collection – Care Guide


SevenCapital Interior & Furniture Team Details
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm
Telephone: 0121 296 1548 (option 3)
Email Address: