Bin stores – Broadway

Bin stores are conveniently located on the corridor of every floor. The bin stores are maintained and emptied by the caretaker into larger general site waste disposals where collections will be carried out by Birmingham City Council.

It is important to break down any boxes placed in the recycling. Do not overfill the refuse containers as this will result in them not being collected and they may consequently attract vermin.

For other information please refer to the information board in the entrance area of the building, or alternatively contact Centrick Property.


Bicycle Racks – Broadway

The bicycle racks are located in the basement area of the development. Please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick Property for further details.

General Information – Broadway

Broadway Details

Broadway, 105 Broad Street, Birmingham:
101-105/201-228/301-328: B15 1BF
401-428/501-528/601-628: B15 1BH
701-716/801-816/901-916/1001: B15 1BJ

Number of apartments: 214

Broadway Residences provides various facilities and services that tenants will have access to.

Residents will benefit from a 24 hour concierge and security service. The concierge will be situated in the reception area, and can assist with booking of the meeting rooms, laundry services, any maintenance or contractor needs, cleaning and can provide any other general information regarding Broadway. The concierge will also perform round the clock site patrols and be acting as an emergency contact for residents on site.

On the 7th floor there is a fully equipped gym available for residents use.

The Development will also benefit from a cleaner care taker who will ensure that cleaning cycles of the communal areas of the building are carried out. They will also be responsible for removal of refuse on a daily basis.

Seven Capital Customer Service 

Telephone: +44 (0) 121 296 1548 (opt 1)

Email Address:


Managing Agent

Centrick Property

Address: 102 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3AG

Telephone: +44 (0) 3330 124 125

Email Address:


Wall coverings – Broadway

Each apartment is finished in white matt emulsion to the walls and gloss finish to the skirting and architraves. The bathroom is fitted with full height wall tiles to the shower area.

Your care and maintenance guide is below providing you with the information on cleaning and maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your tiled finish.

Signs of cracking and shrinkage are normal, your apartment has a ‘drying out’ period of between 9-12 months. Water has been absorbed during construction and it is important that the drying out period is gradual. This can be achieved by:

  • Ensuring the property is well ventilated
  • Use the heating sparingly during the first few months
  • Reducing condensation as much as possible by covering pans whilst cooking, drying clothes in well ventilated rooms, closing kitchen/bathroom doors to prevent steam from travelling through the property, using extractors, wiping down moisture off surfaces and maintaining a low background heat.

If you are concerned about a crack then please email a photo by logging an issue on the Seven Capital Information Hub and a response will be provided. Ordinarily cracks can be dealt with during decoration once the property has dried out however large cracks of a certain thickness will be covered under warranty.

White deposits may appear on wall surfaces, this is efflorescence and can be caused by the natural seepage of salts used in the construction materials. This should not be of concern, the marks can be wiped down with a dry stiff brush. It is important not to wash the marks, as it will worsen the problem.

Parking – Broadway

For residents with parking, you will find your allocated space at the rear end of the development. Please ensure that you always park in your designated space within the white lines. For further information on parking please contact Centrick Property.


Ventilation – Broadway

There is an air ventilation system with your apartment that should be left on at all times.

Keeping the ventilation system switched on will reduce the moisture produced by everyday activites such as cooking, ironing and showering.

Landscaping – Broadway

The car park and all perimeter landscaping are managed and maintained by Centrick Property. Please report any outdoor space issues to Centrick Property on 03330 124 125.

Utilities – Broadway


The meter system at Broadway is a central metering system. There is one main meter for electricity and one main meter for water, with sub meters within each apartment recording the consumption used.

The meters will automatically take readings every 30 minutes, producing an accurate and consistent reading, commencing from the day of completion of the property. If you wish to view the readings you will need to contact the Managing Agent Centrick or Ginger Energy who will assist you further.

Ginger Energy will send invoices to the owner of the apartment or the occupier if the property is rented out. It will be the responsibility of the owner or their agent to advise Ginger Energy when tenants move in and out.

Electricity invoices will be sent out monthly.

For further details, please contact the Managing Agent Centrick Property on 03330 124 125 or alternatively Ginger Energy on 0844 544 0130.


Ginger Energy produce the utility bill for Broadway. For further details, please visit their website

Alternatively call 0844 544 0130 or email

Council Tax

You are liable for Council Tax payments from the date of legal completion for the property. For further details, please contact Birmingham City Council via their wesbite:

NOTE – You are liable for all utility payments from the date of legal completion of your property.


Health and Safety – Broadway

Each apartment is fitted with a hard wired and battery back up smoke detector with the alarm being interlinked throughout the whole property block ensuring safety and peace of mind for all occupants.

On hearing the fire alarm please do not use lifts and please do not try to tackle the fire by using the extinguishers to put the fire out yourself unless you are trained to do so.

Please use designated emergency exit routes only. The information board will provide you with information on where the emergency exits are, alternatively please ask the concierge.

There is a full sprinkler system installed into the whole building and within each apartment. The sprinkler system is designed to activate with the presence of high levels of heat from a fire. The heat melts the sensor which activates the sprinkler, discharging water at a rate to contain the fire. Should there be a fire that is affecting the whole building then the sprinkler system will activate throughout.

Please refer to the fire emergency procedures for the development that are displayed on the Centrick Property noticeboards throughout the building.

Hot Water – Broadway

Your OSO electric hot water cylinder is located within the storage cupboard of your apartment.

The controller for the water is also located here. You will need to progamme the controller to set the timings to provide hot water as required.

Any faults with the immersion heater or the time clock will be covered under the warranty. It is suggested that the time clock is checked for power and to identify if it has tripped on the fuse board. If something is tripping out the electrics, it would be down to the occupier to identify where the issue is by unplugging all electrical items, resetting the switch and plugging the items back in one by one.