Windows & External Doors – The Kettleworks

External Doors

The main double doors on the front of the building are kept permanently closed and locked by means of overhead door closers and magnetic locks. The doors can be released by:

– Placing your pedestrian access fob against the control panel outside the main entrance door.

– Pressing the door release to the side of the door from inside the reception area.

– Pressing the door release button on the intercom phone within your property to allow access; when the┬ávideo entry system inside the┬áproperty has been activated by a visitor from the control panel outside the building.

Please note that the fire escapes in the development must be kept locked and must only be used in the event of a fire.


The windows in your property are new powder coated aluminium double glazed units. Please note that some of the windows within the original sections of the development are the existing original windows.

Heat Recovery Systems are within the properties where the windows do not open. Fumes that are built up in the property are extracted by way of carbon filters which are built into the external walls. This acts by bringing cool air into the property and regulating the temperature of the property. Please note that this does not act as a cooling system.

The internal cleaning of the windows is the responsibility of the occupier and must be carried out in a safe manner. The external cleaning of the windows is the responsibility of the Managing Agent, Centrick Property.