Wall Finishes – One Thames Valley

Each apartment is finished in a light grey matt emulsion paint to the walls and ceilings and a white gloss finish to the woodwork.

The bathroom is fitted with full height wall tiles to the to the bath and shower area.

Signs of cracking and shrinkage are normal as your apartment has a ‘drying out’ period of between 9-12 months. During the manufacturing of materials and the construction process, moisture has been absorbed and it is important that the drying out period is gradual in order to keep cracking/shrinkage to a minimum, this can  be achieved by:

> Ensuring the property is well ventilated but making sure the Heat Recovery System is always on in the background
> Leave built in wardrobe doors slightly ajar to help ventilate the area
> Using the heat sparingly during the first few months
> Reducing the condensation as much as possible within the property by; covering pans whilst cooking, drying clothes in well ventilated rooms, closing kitchen/bathroom doors to prevent stream from travelling through the property, using extractor, wiping down moisture off surfaces and maintaining a low background heat.

Ordinarily cracks can be dealt with during decoration once the property has dried out however large cracks of a larger thickness may be covered under warranty.

If you are concerned about a crack, then please email a photo by logging an issue on the Report An Issue page and a response will be provided by our Aftercare team. Ordinarily cracks can be dealt with during normal decoration once the property has dried out, however large cracks of a certain thickness will be covered under warranty.

White deposits may appear on wall surfaces which is called efflorescence. Efflorescence can be caused by the natural seepage of salts used in the construction materials. This should not be of concern, as the marks can be wiped down with a dry stiff brush. It is important not to wash the marks, as it will may worsen the issue.


Hanging Pictures

Care must be taken when hanging pictures, light fittings or similar items to walls and ceiling as electric cablers and pipework providing power, water and other services can be found immediately behind wall and ceiling finishes.

The internal walls in your home are made of plasterboard with stud partitions which are strong enough to take the weight of most pictures and other light objects using appropriate picture hooks and plasterboard wall plugs where necessary. Please be aware that cables usually run vertically above or below electrical sockets or switches.

If you are renting your apartment and wish to hang pictures or add any additional wall fittings, please obtain written consent from your landlord or letting agent.

Please Note: Changes to the fixtures, fittings and finishes within your apartment may void your warranty.