Ventilation – One Thames Valley

Mechanical ventilation systems are fitted in each apartment. Each unit is commissioned individually so that the amount of air moved is tailored to suit the performance required. The system is designed to run continuously and should not be switched off, except for maintenance or filter replacement which must be carried out by a suitably qualified person. The spur switch for this is located in the storage cupboard and should always remain in the on position.

The ceiling vents continuously circulate the air around your property and takes stale air from inside your home and replaces it with clean fresh air, this is called the tricked function and ensures your apartment is ventilated. A manual boost switch is located within the kitchen area for use during cooking. The system will also automatically boost to a higher extract rate when the cooker, shower or bath is in use.

Additional moisture in the air results from the drying out process, coupled with moisture produced by everyday activities, may cause condensation to appear on cold surfaces such as windows and walls. This can be reduced by:

> Covering pans during cooking and ensuring kettles are switched off after they boil
> Drying clothes in well ventilated rooms where possible
> Closing kitchen and bathroom doors to prevent moisture transferring into colder rooms
> Avoiding the use of bottled gas or paraffin heaters
> Wiping down surfaces where moisture settles
> Maintaining a low background heat

If the property is not being ventilated properly this will result in a build-up of condensation. Excessive humidity or standing water on the floor can lead to damage through swelling (deformation and discolouration), this would not be covered under warranty. By utilising the ventilation system effectively, you will help prevent the build-up of moisture in your apartment by removing steam, condensation and odours during bathing and cooking which can help to prevent black spots forming on the walls and behind cupboards.

Please see below the user manual for the ventilation control:

Download – LAB1306R SPR418 Bluebrain Controller – User Manual

Download – MVHR Controller – User Manual

Download – Ventilation – User Help

Video Link – Filter Cleaning