Electricity and Water

The meter system at The Landmark is a central metering system. There is one main meter for electricity and one main meter for water, with sub meters within each apartment recording the consumption used.

The meters will automatically take readings every 30 minutes, producing an accurate and consistent reading, commencing from the day of completion of the property. The meters can be found within your apartment, alternatively you can contact the Managing Agent Centrick or Ginger Energy who will assist you further.

Ginger Energy will send the invoices to the owner of the apartment or the occupier if the apartment is rented out. It will be the responsibility of the owner or their letting agent to advise Ginger Energy when tenants move in and out.

Electricity invoices will be sent out monthly and water invoices will be sent out quarterly.

For further details, please contact the Managing Agent Centrick on 03330 124 125 or alternatively Ginger Energy on 0844 544 0130 or via email landmark@gingerenergy.co.uk


Council Tax

You are laible for Council Tax payments from the date of legal completion of the property. For further details please visit the Dudley Council website – www.dudley.gov.uk/counciltax