Plumbing – One Thames Valley

Stop Cock

Each property is fitted with a stopcock in the storage cupboard to fully isolate the water supply to each individual property. There is also a stopcock located outside of your apartment in the ceiling void. They are located here for the ease of being able to isolate the water supply to the individual property if the occupier is not available to allow access in the time of an emergency. 

Isolation Valves

Each plumbed in fixture and fitting pipework within the property is fitted with isolation valves, meaning that you can isolate the water supply to any fitting rather than turning the water off to the whole of your property via the stopcock. The isolation valves can be found for the supplies to the toilet, washbasin, kitchen sink, washing machine and dishwasher.

There is also an isolation valve within the storage cupboard of each property which isolates the water to the whole property when turned to the off position.

Please see the below video and guidance on how to isolate the water supply to a fitting within your property.

Waste Plumbing

Waste water from your kitchen and bathroom runs through the pipework directly into the drainage system. You are responsible for the maintenance of all the fittings and waste pipes within your property.

If you find that a washbasin, sink, bath or shower is taking longer than normal to drain, then you can use a chemical drain cleaner which is readily available from all good DIY stores. Alternatively, please seek professional advice. You can prevent your sinks and plug holes from becoming blocked by regularly cleaning them.

Please refrain from putting food waste, oils or any fats into sinks, as this may cause blockages. Do not dispose of anything other than toilet tissue in the toilets. The plumbing/waste system is not designed to be able to flush items such as nappies, wipes or sanitary items etc. Flushing non-flushable items down the toilet could result in an expensive blockage for which you could be liable.