Local Area – Nexus Point

Nexus Point is located within the heart of Erdington, which is situated just on the outskirts of Birmingham city centre.

Until quite recently, Erdington was very much a rural area which has progressed rapidly over recent years. This growth was encouraged by the arrival of the canals at the end of the century, which sparked some industrial development within the area. The spur of the suburban growth within Erdington occurred within the nineteenth century and was triggered by the introduction of the railways.

In 1906, Andrew Carnegie who was a wealthy philanthropist donated over £5000 towards the cost of Erdington Library, which was one of ten Carnegie-funded libraries to be built in Birmingham in the early 1900s. The library was designed by John Osborne FRIBA and built by John Barnsley and Sons in the early 1900s and became a designated Grade II listed building in 2012.