Local Area – Fabrick

Digbeth is a vibrant district located within a 10 minute walking distance from Birmingham City Centre. It is considered one of the most distinctive parts of the city, offering some fantastic shopping opportunites, industrial  history and heritage, art, culture, music and a variety of pubs and cafes with character and charm. This is where we find the famous Irish Quarter, where the St Patrick's Day parade is held every year, attracting many visitors. A major attraction is the famous Custard Factory, where egg free custard was invented and produced for many years back in 1837. Today the Custard Factory is home to a thriving working community of creative and digital businesses, independent shops, cafes and bars. Other places of interest are: The Old Crown Pub, which is the oldest secular building existence, dating back to 1368 and the Deritend Library, which is part of the Custard Factory Complex and the oldest surviving library building. Today it serves as a conference centre and exhibition space. An interesting annual event taking place every year is the City of Colour Festival, which is a street art festival.

Interesting Fact: Digbeth has become an increasingly popular place of visitors wanting to track the history of the famous Peaky Blinders gang, dating back to the 19th century.