Hot Water

The hot water for your apartment is supplied by OSO water cylinder heater which will vary in size dependant on the size of your apartment:

  • Studio apartment – OSO slim line cylinder heater
  • 1 bedroom apartment – OSO 120lrt cylinder heater
  • 2 bedroom apartment – 150lrt cylinder heater


The water heater is controlled by a Hurstmann Electric 7. The unit is fitted with an automatic clock that is pre-set on the manufacturers setting and should not require any adjustment. The clock should automatically adjust to summertime (BST) and wintertime (GMT). Please refer to manufacturers guide for further information and operating instructions.

1HR- Horstmann user_guide_Electronic7_series_3

Horstmann Boiler Programmer data_sheet_Electronic7_series_3

Horstmann instaler_guide_Electronic7-series_3

Any faults with the immersion heater or the time clock will be covered under the warranty. It is suggested that the time clock is checked for power and to identify if it has tripped on the fuse board. If something is tripping out the electrics, it would be down to the occupier to identify where the issue is by unplugging all electrical items, resetting the switch and plugging the items back in one by one.