Hot Water Cylinder & Programmer – Graven Hill

All properties are fitted with a Tempest hot water cylinder and Newlec (also known as Timeguard) programmer which are located within the storage cupboard of the property.

The programmer will need to be set in order to program the timings to provide hot water as required. This is the responsibility of the occupier to carry out, so that they can ensure that the timings are set in accordance with their own personal usage/needs.

Please Note: The tank can take up to 2 hours for water to heat up. The water temperature is set at 43°C in line with regulations and is not adjustable to prevent scalding.

Any faults with the hot water cylinder or the programmer will be covered under the 2-year warranty for the property. Prior to reporting an issue, it is suggested that the programmer is checked for power and to identify if it has tripped on the fuse board in the first instance. If something is tripping out the electrics, it is the responsibility of the occupier to identify where the fault lies. This can be done by unplugging all electrical items, resetting the trip switches and plugging the items back in one by one to identify the source of the fault. It is the owner’s responsibility to have the hot water cylinder serviced every 12 months by a recommended heating engineer.

The manufacturer of the Tempest hot water cylinder also provides an extended lifetime guarantee on this product subject to conditions being met and annual services being carried out etc. This warranty is offered by the manufacturer directly and the property owner is responsible for registering for this extension, as well as ensuring all conditions and stipulations set out by the manufacturer are adhered to.

Please see the below PDF documents and troubleshooting video for further information and guidance relating to the hot water cylinder and programmer:

Video Link – Where is the hot water cylinder and programmer located?

Download – Hot Water Cylinder – Tempest & Tornado Stainless Cylinders – Installation Guide & Customers Copy

Download – Programmer – Timeguard TRTD7N Digital Economy Seven Programmer – Installation & Operating Instructions

Download – Programmer – Newlec NLECO7DIG Digital Economy 7 Programmer – Technical Sheet