Health & Safety – The Grand Exchange

Fire Safety

Should you discover a fire, then please dial 999 immediately to report the situation to the emergency services. It is important that you do not panic or stop to collect belongings.

In the event of a fire please do not try to tackle the fire yourself by using the fire extinguishers, unless you are trained to do so. Please do not use the lifts and descend using the nearest stairway.

The information board located within the reception area will provide you with information on where the emergency exits are located, as well as the fire emergency procedure for the development. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this information.

For further information, please see the Resident Services Associates or alternatively please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick.

Door Entry & Communal Access

St Martin’s Place offers a unique and highly secure door entry system with the integration of a Salto locking system installed to each property front door and to the communal entrance doors of the development. To access the property and communal doors, residents will need either a Salto fob (a circular coloured fob) or will need to download and be set up on the Salto app for access via their mobile phone.

The development also utilises modern advances in technology by allowing residents to access the intercom system through the Comelit mobile phone app. The Comelit mobile phone app acts as the individual video door entry system within the property that is linked to the main entrance doors to the development, which allows each resident control of visitors into the building. In order to prevent security issues, please do not provide access to anyone who you are not familiar with.

To be set up using the Salto and Comelit mobile phone apps, occupiers will need to arrange an introductory session with the Residents Services Associates who are based on the reception at the development. During the introductory session, the resident will have the opportunity to download and be set up on the Salto and Comelit mobile phone apps, as well as going through all of the services that the Resident Services Associates are able to offer.

Please Note: You will be required to provide proof of property ownership or tenancy status, as well as identification before the Resident Services Associates will be able to set up access on the Salto and/or Comelit mobile phone apps for security purposes.

Should you experience any issues with the Salto or Comelit systems or have additional access requirements, then please contact the Resident Services Associates or the Managing Agent, Centrick.

For further information, please see the below PDF document for guidance:

Download – St Martin’s Place – Salto & Comelit – User Guide