Health & Safety (Property Information) – The Metalworks

Fire Safety

Should you discover a fire, then please dial 999 immediately to report the situation to the emergency services. It is important that you do not panic or stop to collect belongings.

In the event of a fire please do not try to tackle the fire yourself by using the fire extinguishers, unless you are trained to do so. Please do not use the lifts and descend using the nearest stairway.

The information boards located within the main entrances will provide you with information on where the emergency exits are located, as well as the fire emergency procedure for the development. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this information.

For further information, please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick.

Smoke Detectors & Heat Detectors

Each property is fitted with hard-wired smoke detectors that have battery back-ups. There is also a hard-wired heat detector that has a battery back-up located within the kitchen of each property.

You should regularly test the detectors by pressing the button on the device. For your own safety, smoke detectors and heat detectors should not be removed from their fixtures or covered.

Download – Smoke Detector – Smoke Alarm Ei146 – Product Data Sheet

Download – Heat Detector – Heat Alarm Ei144 – Product Data Sheet


There is a full sprinkler system installed within each property which is designed to activate with the presence of high levels of heat from a fire. In the event of a fire, the heat from the fire would melt the sensor which in turn would activate the sprinkler, subsequently discharging water at a rate to contain the fire.

For your own safety, sprinklers should not be removed from their fixtures or covered.

Door Entry & Communal Access

There is an individual video door entry system within the property that is linked to the main entrance doors to the development, which allows each resident control of visitors into the building. In order to prevent security issues, please do not provide access to anyone who you are not familiar with.

Externally, the building is accessed via a door entry system to the main entrance/external doors and is only accessible with a programmed fob. Each occupier will have their own allocated fob for access into the building.

Should you require a replacement or an additional fob, please contact the Managing Agent, Centrick, and they will confirm the cost for this service.