Entrance / Hallway Hagley Road

Apartment Door: The main entrance door to your apartment is a fully BS (British Standard & Fire compliant) 5 hinge fire door fitted with a 5 bolt lock and a spy hole. Under no circumstances should your apartment door be changed as this could affect the fire integrity of your apartment. Should you wish to change your front door or have reason to replace, please contact Centrick Property Management Services for further advice and guidance.

There is an individual intercom system within your apartment which is linked via the external intercom on the main entrance doors. These provide each occupier with control of visitors into the building. Do not provide access to anyone unknown to yourself personally to prevent security issues within the building.

There is a hard wired battery back up smoke detector within each apartments – this will sound upon activation throughout the whole building. The fire evacuation procedures are displayed within the apartment handbook and also on the noticeboards throughout the building and further detail can be found on the health and safety section of the hub. ( insert link to the H & S Section)