Entrance / Hallway Apartment Door – Hagley

The main entrance door to your apartment is a full British Standard & Fire compliant 3 hinge fire door fitted with a lever lock and spy-hole. Under no circumstances should your apartment door be changed without gaining consent from the Landlord as this could affect the fire integrity of your apartment. Please contact the Managing Agent to find out the procedure to apply for consent.

There is an individual video intercom system within your apartment that is linked to the external intercom of the main entrance doors. This allows each resident control of visitors into the building. Do not provide access to anyone you are not familiar with to prevent security issues within the building.

A hard-wired battery back-up smoke detector is located within each apartment. You should regularly change the battery and test the detector by pressing the button on the device. Smoke detectors are also located in the communal areas. Please familiarise yourself with the fire strategy in place, which is displayed in communal areas.

For your own safety, smoke alarms should not be removed from their fixtures, or covered and need to be well maintained.