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There are a variety of different lighting types located throughout the property as follows:

  • • The hallway, bathroom, kitchen and living area are fitted with spotlights.
  • • The bedrooms are fitted with pendant light fittings.
  • • The storage cupboards are fitted with batten light fittings.
  • There are downlights installed underneath the kitchen wall units.


Please Note: Light bulbs/lamps are not covered under the warranty and it is the responsibility of the occupier to carry out or arrange replacements when necessary, with the exception of spotlights & downlights. The spotlights & downlights installed within the property are fixed units and are covered under the warranty.

When carrying out light bulb/lamp replacements, please ensure that the main light switch is turned off, the switches in the consumer unit (fuse board) are in the off position and that the faulty light bulb/lamp has cooled down before you attempt to change it.

Please see the below troubleshooting video for further information and guidance:

Video Link – How do I replace the light bulbs and spotlight lamps within the property? 

Electric Panel Heaters

The property is fitted with wall mounted electric panel heaters. The heaters have a control panel which allows you to programme the heating to your specific requirements.

Please remember to turn on the spur switch which is located next to each individual heater. If there is no electricity to the heaters, then please check that the RCD has not tripped in the consumer unit (fuse board).

Please see the below PDF copy of the manual for further information:

Download – Heater – Consort M19012 – Installation & Control Guide

Heated Towel Rail

The bathroom and en-suite bathroom (if applicable) are fitted with ladder chrome heated towel rails.

Please remember to turn on the spur switch for the towel rail which is located just outside of the bathroom. If there is no electricity to the towel rail, then please check that the RCD has not tripped in the consumer unit (fuse board).

Consumer Unit (Fuse Board)

The consumer unit (fuse board) is located within the storage cupboard of the property. The consumer units are fitted with British Standard RCD (circuit breaker/cut out) for safety and the RCD will trip if there is a problem with the circuit. This is a safety feature which protects you from electrocution.

If something is tripping out the electrics on the consumer unit (fuse board) it is the occupier’s responsibility to identify where the issue lies by unplugging all electrical items, resetting the switches and plugging the electrical items back in one by one. Common issues which will trip the electrics within a property are things such as: light bulbs blowing and problems with electrical equipment i.e. toasters, kettles, irons, TV’s and laptops.

Fused Spur Sockets

The kitchen appliances are wired to a fused spur on the wall in the kitchen area. Please ensure that the spur is switched on for the kitchen appliances to operate.

Located within the hallway of some properties is an additional fused spur socket, should the occupier wish to install additional heating in the future. Please ensure permission is granted from the owner prior to installing any appliance to this fused spur socket within the property.

Please Note: It is the occupier’s responsibility to replace the fuse before reporting a fault with the product.

Please see the below troubleshooting video for further information and guidance on how to replace fuses:

Video Link – How do I replace fuses? 

TV, Telephone & Internet

The property has a TV, telephone and internet point in the living area, as well as a TV point within the main bedroom (if applicable). All points are pre-wired by OFNL (Open Fibre Networks Limited) and the fibre optic infrastructure at the development is maintained and operated by OFNL who specialise in full fibre services.

There are a variety of service providers that you can choose from for your broadband and telephone services. Once you have contacted your chosen broadband provider, a wireless router will be posted to you to enable you to complete the set up in your new home. Should you encounter any problems with your broadband or telephone, then please contact your chosen service provider in the first instance. For further information, please visit www.ofnl.co.uk/residents-businesses/available-isps.

The fibre infrastructure fitted by OFNL provides Freeview TV via a communal satellite as standard, therefore you will not need to attach an additional aerial or satellite to the exterior of the building. You will be able to receive these channels by plugging your TV into an aerial point and selecting auto-tune on your television. For additional television packages, you can choose from the selection of providers listed below. Should you experience any problems with the TV signal including pixilation, please ensure your television is set up and tuned correctly in the first instance. Should this not resolve the problem, then please contact OFNL on 02921 678 550 or by visiting www.ofnl.co.uk/get-in-touch.

To set up your TV, telephone and broadband services, please select the best deal for your individual requirements by choosing one of the following service providers:

See the Light – 0800 331 7638 / www.seethelight.co.uk

Rocket Fibre – 03301 227 711 / www.rocket-fibre.co.uk

Love Your Broadband – 02087 607 669 / www.loveyourbroadband.co.uk

Merula – 08002 982 375 / www.merula.net/ofnl

Direct Save Telecom – 0800 027 3930 / www.directsavetelecom.co.uk

Hello Internet – 03333 449 375 / www.hello-internet.co.uk

Vfast Internet – 01227 668 901 / www.vfast.co.uk

Pure Broadband – 01482 778 838 / www.purebroadband.net/ftth

Pulse 8 – 08000 428 888 / www.pulse8.co.uk

BreezTel – 08000 465 367 / www.breeztel.com

MTH Networks – 01536 661 050 / www.mthnetworks.com

Air Broadband – 01223 653 400 / www.airbroadband.co.uk

Link Broadband – 03301 741 444 / www.linkbroadbands.com

Kinetic Telecom – 01702 841 841 / www.ktel.co.uk/ 

RedRaw Internet  – 01803 500 009 / www.redrawinternet.com

For further information regarding available the providers, please see the below PDF documents:

Download – OFNL Information Sheet

Download – OFNL Information Sheet (FIRS)

Download – OFNL Information Sheet (Sky Q)

The list of service providers is subject to change and up to date information can be found by visiting www.ofnl.co.uk/residents-businesses/postcode-checker.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the occupier to acquire their own television license which can be sourced by visiting www.tvlicensing.co.uk.