Electrical – The Landmark


The apartment is fitted with wall mounted electric panel heaters in all areas except the bathroom. These are fitted with a dual electric thermostat with 9 pre-set programmes. Please watch the information video on how to use the heater or alternatively you can read the instruction manual. Please remember to turn the spur switch next to the heater on, this is demonstrated in the video below. If there is no electricity to the heaters please check that the RCD has not tripped in the consumer unit. Please see the consumer unit demonstration video below.

Towel Rail

The bathrooms are fitted with a Proline electric ladder style towel rail. Please remember to turn the spur switch outside the bathroom to on. If there is no heat coming through to the towel rail, please check that the RCD has not tripped in the consumer unit. Please see the consumer unit demonstration video below. Please also see the PDF manual below for further guidance.

Towel Rail TPL360SC

Consumer Unit (Fuse Board)

Your Consumer Unit (fuse board) is located within your apartment and are fitted with British Standard RCD cut out for your safety.

The RCD will shut down if there is an electrical problem with a particular electric circuit. Each circuit is labelled in the consumer unit. The RCD will “Trip” turn off if there is a problem with that circuit, this is a safety feature to protect you from electrocution. Common issues to trip an RCD is if a light bulb blows, there is a problem with the appliances fitted in to your kitchen or electrical equipment like toasters, kettles, irons, TV’s and laptops. Lightly push the RCD to rest. If the RCD will not reset then there is problem with one of the appliances or electrical equipment. By a process of illumination (removal all electrical equipment out of sockets and plug one in at a time to see which one trips the RCD) identify which item is faulty and do not plug this item back in to the electrical system. If the bulb blows please refer to the lighting section.

Please watch the consumer information video on how to use the consumer unit or alternatively you can read the instruction manual before reporting a fault.

Consumer Units Hager

TV, Telephone and Internet

Your apartment comes prewired for TV, Satellite and telephone. Your apartment has a TV point in the living area and telephone points to the living area and master bedroom.  You can connect your TV to the ariel for terrestrial TV. If you require satellite TV you must contact a provider such as SKY and arrange a subscription with them directly.

Your telephone line may not be connected to the BT Open Reach system, if not you can choose a telephone and broad band service provider who will arrange your connection and tariffs for your telephone and broadband.

You must not attach any aerial, satellite dish or other communications apparatus to the exterior of the building.

It is the responsibility of the occupier to acquire their own television.

Fused Spur Sockets

Your fitted kitchen appliances are wired to the electrical circuit at the back of the appliance under the worktop. The appliance is wired to a fused spur within the apartment kitchen area. If the appliance is not working,  check there is electric coming in to the apartment, then check the RCD has not tripped. See the consumer unit demonstration video for further details. If there is electric to the apartment and the RCD has not tripped, replace the fuse in the fused spur. See the overall kitchen demonstration video below. If replacing the fuse does not resolve your problem please report the fault.

Smoke Alarm

There is a hard-wired battery back-up smoke detector within each apartment. If you hear the alarm, it is important that you follow the fire evacuation procedures displayed on the noticeboards throughout the building. Please regularly test the smoke alarm. Please refer to the demonstration video below for further assistance or alternatively, if you need a manual please check the following three manuals against the one in your apartment.

Door Entry System

There is a telephone hand set intercom system within your apartment that is linked to the external intercom on the main entrance doors. These provide each occupier control of visitors into the building. Please do not provide access to anyone you’re not familiar with to prevent security issues within the building.

Electrical Installation Certificate

The Electrical Installation Test Certificate was provided on the legal completion.


The lights in your apartment are pendant fitting with LED bulbs. The lights in your kitchen are brushed steel light fittings with LED bulbs and the bathroom light has LED bulbs. We have created a manual for the fittings and bulbs. If there is no electricity to the lights please check that the RCD has not tripped in the consumer unit. Please see the demonstation video on how to change light bulbs in your apartment.